Fujitsu Q702 Erratic cursor
Thursday, March 20, 2014

Known Issue: Fujitsu identified a random or erratic cursor movement/clicking issue with the Q702’s digitizer drivers under Windows 7. They have developed and released a fix for the issue for the Q702. These fixes require the latest BIOS, version 2.03 so please confirm you have this version (you probably have this as only the first batch of Q702s had the older version). To check BIOS version go to Start, enter command msinfo32 in search box, then run the program – BIOS version will be shown.

If you do not have the latest BIOS, contact Fujitsu support for instructions on obtaining this BIOS version.


If you have the BIOS 2.03 or later, first download the calibration utility (link below):


Calibration Utility


Here are the install instructions for calibration:


1. Unpack “FPC48044201_Calibrate_1.0.0.5_26.7z” using 7Zip. A file folder will be created with the same name.


a. In the created directory, right click on CalibG4.exe and select “Run as Administrator”.

b. Allow the CalibG4.exe program to complete and exit. You’ll see a series of “In progress” messages followed by “Success” at the end before the program exits and the command box exits.


Next, go to the Fujitsu driver download site:



From the drop-down boxes select “tablet” “stylistic” “stylistic Q702”


Scroll down to your windows 7 version – then download the driver update for “N-Trig DuoSense Multi-touch Package”


Unpack “FPC48096901_Digitizer_4.12.3073.10_60.7z” using 7Zip. A file folder will be created with the same name.


a. In the created folder, double click on Setup.exe

b. Follow installation wizard.

c. Reboot when installation is completed.


2. Perform Touch Tuning


a. Still using the Control Panel “DuoSense Settings” applet, go to “Digitizer Options” tab.

b. In the “Touch Tuning” section, click on the “Start” button and ensure that you do not touch the screen until you see a successful completion dialog box appear. Click “OK” to close.

c. Click “OK” to close the DuoSense applet.

Any problems please contact the following:

Mike Lunsford
Phone: (334) 472-2003