Instructions for downloading Fujitsu drivers.




Click on the following link to start the process…….


Software patches, BIOS updates, driver updates, and other miscellaneous software is available for most products. Follow the steps below for quick access to files for your system.


Enter your serial, configuration, or model number above.


Save the file you wish to download by clicking on the file name or download icon in the listing of available files.


Open the downloaded file from your hard disk. Most of the download files are self-extracting archives and will extract themselves into the proper directories when opened. You may need a decompression program, such as PKZIP® or WinZip®, to open some files. Installation may vary, so check the installation instructions included with the file to ensure proper installation.

It should look like this.

If you are down loading many drivers please follow this:

After doing this please choose which OS and?? Bit Driver fits your machine.

Then follow:

  Must install order shown below the OS that you have chosen.

 Most Important

Read the Readme for Windows. Again for what OS that you have chosen.  Then install as stated.

For assistance, please contact Fujitsu technical support staff at 1-877-295-7721 Help Desk